Time for a Change....

As you all know, Craig really wanted to make this blog private. I have been more hesitant to dive into the private world since meeting so many wonderful people through blogging :) When I asked for everyones emails a while back when we were going to go private, I got way more than 100 (which is all you are allowed to invite) I didn't want to leave people out, Soooo Craig and I came to a compromise. It was to change the URL of our blog so at least it does not have our last name. Although I am sure it would not be hard to find. But, I think it is a great step in the direction of being safer without having to go private. So without further ado....Here is our new blog:
update *please email me if you need the new link*
It has all the old posts that are on this blog, just a different URL. I will no longer be posting on this blog *which I am sad about since it has been 4 years now *
I am sorry for the inconvenience if you already have this site bookmarked and now you have to change it...Thanks for following, you guys are the best!!!


Natasha said...

I just have a suggestion for you. I don't know if you read Lori Aston (used to be Larsen) blog but her blog is public and then she has a second blog that is all her private stuff. You have to be redirected to her private posts. I thought it was a great idea, but I just dont have anyone that really wants to read my blog so I just went totally private.

Jenny said...

so...i haven't been reading blogs since my baby was born very well, but i just realized that i don't have the url to your new one! send me a link por favor? thanks!

agentjenny at gmail dot com!

April said... thanks I enjoy reading your blog