Coronado Island

One of our favorite places in San Diego is Corando Island. They have a beautiful little town and beach. We decided to ride the ferry over cause they kiddos would think it was fun...and they had a BLAST!

There was a Sea Lion on booey that we past right by. Kids loved it of course!

We didn't go down to the beach we normally do because we didn't have our car, but they have a little beach with a pier right by the Ferry dock. So we hung out there for a couple hours and basked in the perfect 70 degree weather :)

Then, we went and ate at one of the MANY cool restaurants they have right on the beach pretty much. Craig and I have eaten and some really nice romantic places here. BUT since we had the kids with us, we decided a louder and easier going place would be better :) So pizza and pasta it was....such a great view.
The kids talk about the Ferry ride all the time now :)

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