My First Video

We have had a video camera for a couple years now, and I have never used it. I am always the one behind the camera not video camera. That is Craig job which, he NEVER does. We have no video, but tons of pictures of our kids. So, Kylin was being so cute today and I decided to try the video camera. Sorry it is shaky and my voice sounds really weird but, I am gonna get better and take more video. So, here she is playing with her Hungry Hippo walker. Oh, by the way those cute little leggin's are called "Baby Legs." They look really cute under a skirt too. My friend Chelsea sells them. Just click on her Blog link on the side of my page and her Blog has a link to her business website "Daisy n' Dots. THANKS Chelsea...I love my Baby Legs!


Chelsea said...

hey! cute babylegs:)!!!! SO FUN

Kevin and Amy said...

What cute kids! It was fun to see you (or should I say hear you) as a mommy in action! Hopefully one of these days we'll be able to get our kids together!

Megan Dinsdale said...

I have seen those baby legs before and need to get me some of that sweet action. Sometimes Anna's knees get all red by the end of a long day of crawling. Kylin does so awesome walking - what a talented lil' gal!